Thursday, 13 June 2013

Beau Dimanche - The Project

In the beginning...

A couple of weeks ago I signed up as a co-founder of the startup project Beau Dimanche. I hope for this to be the first post in a series documenting our learning. I'll try and keep to that!

The project was started several months ago by my co-founder, Catherine Nguyen. She did some great work and was able to get the project accepted into the startup incubator we are in - Idenergie. For me this was a big positive and means we are going to have some great support over the new few months. The programme seems very well done and is going to mean we have some pros help us save those ever so precious resources - money and time (so money and money :-)).

Our idea (ok, hers originally but ours now!) is to create an eco-system for making sure you are never left wondering what to do on a Sunday. Sundays are very heavily regulated here in France and many other places in Europe and most shops are closed in most places. Is that bakery open? Tobacco shop? Mini-supermarket? Of course shops are allowed to open on some Sundays - but which ones? And what about that museum? Ch√Ęteau? What times are the shows on at X theatre? What about Y then? Are there any other theatres nearby that are showing something? What else could I do? What have my friends been getting up to on Sundays? Can I meet some people while I'm at it? What about some church activities? Can I volunteer for anything? Learn a new pastime?

Particularly for shops, if they are going to be open on a Sunday then it costs them a packet (double-time) so they want to make sure they have as many feet as possible, or bums on seats, or helping hands. There are heaps of other cool ways we can bring value to users and customers but we haven't had a chance to build any testing plans yet so I won't list them here yet.

There will be a site to anchor the project but of course there will be geo-located apps, social network integration, and all the other goodies you expect from today's sites. And being a Google fan-boy and general tech-head, I'll be wanting to get my hands on some AR tech as soon as reasonable and test that out too :-).

So why use Beau Dimanche and not just Google/Facebook/Something else? Noise - if it ain't happening on a Sunday then we won't waste your precious time with it, and if it is happening on a Sunday then Beau Dimanche is where you'll find it!

And thus the learning journey begins...

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